Dan Barrale Sings
Danny recording
The Summer Wind
(Henry Mayer, Johnny
Dan Barrale, and Jim connected at Fellini's #9 in Charlottesville, VA, December 2010
with a vocal piano combination. There was real synergy and the soulful vocal sound
reminiscent of Frank Sinatra filled the air. Reminiscent is an under statement. Dan is a
dead ringer for this vocal icon. These demo tracks are the product of a couple hours in
Jim's recording studio laying down first a piano track, then bass, then trombone and
some rhythm, and finally Dan overlaying the entire fabric. It's no where near the quality of
a live performance with each instrument playing off the other, but nonetheless, one can
get a feel for the promise..
Jim in his
Fly Me to the Moon
(Bart Howard)
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